Flooring for Wineries and Breweries

Efficient Waterproof Flooring Solutions for Wineries and Breweries

Dex-O-Tex offers wineries and breweries a wide range of flooring systems. Our selection of seamless epoxy and urethane floor coatings keeps floors safe for pedestrians and forklifts in these facilities. These coatings provide a waterproof surface that’s resistant to chemical damage and temperature fluxes.

With our products, wineries and breweries ensure they will meet the highest industry standards.

Easy-to-Clean Floors

With so many containers of liquids going back and forth in breweries and wineries, some spillage will inevitably occur during work hours. These facilities have routine cleaning schedules to address these spills and drips. However, regular scrubbing with cleaning agents can strip flooring of their protection. Without a proper protective coating, floors can also absorb spilled wine and beer, which can lead to unsavory aromas and an increase of contaminants.

Surfaces protected by Dex-O-Tex products will not be easily marred by spills, chemicals, and contaminants. Other brewery floor options could let spills seep into the concrete, but Dex-O-Tex’s specially formulated floor coating solutions prevent this through its seamless composition. Our products are resistant to chemical abrasion, so they’re able to withstand the damage done by cleaning agents. These properties make it easy to clean the floors of wineries and breweries regularly without worrying about wearing down their protective coating.

Protection from Accidents

Wineries and breweries could see heavy foot traffic at busy operational hours. Heavy casks and barrels require forklifts to move them around, either for processing or distribution. All this activity can wear down inferior floor coating products, but not Dex-O-Tex’s. 

We design our floor coatings to withstand the constant tread of feet and forklifts to prevent them from damaging the concrete underneath. Because of their resilience, Dex-O-Tex flooring solutions prevent the cracks and uneven spots from forming. These flaws become potential tripping hazards for employees on foot and could even endanger forklift operators. We could also combine special additives to some products to make them safer against slipping or skidding. 

With Dex-O-Tex, wineries and breweries can concoct their special beverages in safety and security.

The Best Winery and Brewery Floors

During the construction of a winery or brewery, architects and contractors place special attention to the flooring system of the structure. Because of how much liquid these kinds of facilities produce and store inside their walls, excellent drainage and waterproofing become priority. No matter how small the spillage, the floor and walls of breweries and wineries should be able to repel them from seeping into the concrete.

Every project should also consider the volatility of chemicals involved in wine making and beer brewing processes, and the risk of contamination.

If the floors of these facilities have a seamless floor coating, cleaning crews can easily wipe or wash away spilled liquids. This prevents the buildup of odors and contaminants. Given how delicate many vintages are during their production or fermentation process, this can prevent products from gaining unsavory flavors and aromas. 

Ensure your projects prevent such outcomes. Choose Dex-O-Tex flooring solutions for wineries and breweries.

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