Electronic Manufacturing Facilities

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control: ESD can cause damage to sensitive electronic components and devices. Special ESD flooring, such as conductive or static-dissipative flooring, is necessary to prevent the buildup and discharge of static electricity, protecting both products and personnel.

Chemical Resistance

Dex-O-Tex flooring is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including the harsh cleaning solutions and various chemicals commonly used in pharmaceutical facilities.


These floors are designed to withstand the heavy foot traffic and the impacts associated with lab equipment and machinery. .

Factory Trained Applicators

Using a Dex-O-Tex factory-trained applicator ensures expertise, adherence to manufacturer standards, and access to extended warranties.

Sterile Floors

Sterile Floors

It is crucial that contaminants, from microorganisms to minuscule particles, never threaten the cleanliness of a pharmaceutical facility. Contaminants in a facility could taint products being researched or manufactured, potentially causing severe issues.

Slip Resistance

Slip and fall accidents can be especially dangerous in pharmaceutical facilities where chemicals and sensitive substances are handled.


Easier to clean and maintain, helping to keep the hangar in a safe and orderly condition.

Aesthetic Appearance

Coatings can improve the aesthetics of the hangar floor and help create a more professional and clean environment.

Regulatory Compliance

Coatings can be formulated to meet specific regulatory and safety standards, ensuring the hangar complies with industry requirements.

Where to Use

Maintenance Shop Flooring

Maintenance Shop

Durable, Chemical Resistance, Impact Resistance, Seamless

Products and Systems

Production Areas

Durable, Chemical Resistance, Impact Resistance, Seamless

Products and Systems


Durable, Sanitary, Slip Resistant, Chemical Resistance, and Anti-Microbial.

Products and Systems

Terracolor Restroom Flooring
Mechanical Equipment Room Flooring

Mechanical Equipment Rooms

Waterproof, Heavy Duty, Durable, Chemical Resistant, Slip Resistant.

Products and Systems

Reception and Office Areas

Durable, Chemical Resistance, Easy to Clean, Slip Proof, & Aesthetic Appeal.

Products and Systems

Lobby and Office Flooring

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