Typical Thickness 3/16″ – 1/4”

Bio-Tex CQ

Typical Thickness 3/16″ – 1/4”

Quartz Flooring System

Bio-Tex CF

Typical Thickness 3/16”- 1/4”

Flake Flooring System

Dex-O-Tex understands the importance of timing in the Bio-Tech and Pharmaceutical Industry. Where managing and catering to shut down time is crucial in developing the right system and the best team approach. This team approach starts with creating the right specification and goes through turning over the project, and then best practices for maintenance and use. Dex-O-Tex only partners with its factory trained applicators to ensure successful installation quality that meets our own high standards.

Rely on the industry’s leading maker of comprehensive flooring systems engineered for superior performance in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Consult with a Dex-O-Tex representative to find the best flooring solution for your specific application

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Let Dex-O-Tex share over 80 years of expertise in advanced flooring, coating, waterproofing, and more. Complete your construction project proficiently with the use of superior solutions.

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