Build beautiful, clean, and long-lasting educational facilities with the help of advanced flooring and waterproofing systems by Dex-O-Tex.

School hallways, locker rooms, gyms, kitchens, bathrooms, and classroom floors take quite a beating from the incredible amount of foot traffic they experience. Without the right coating solutions for these floors, they can quickly deteriorate and even increase the risk of slips and falls.


from wear and tear, stains, and damage, extending the lifespan of these assets and reducing maintenance costs.

Aesthetic Improvement

Coatings can enhance the appearance of educational spaces, creating a more inviting and inspiring environment for students and staff.

Factory Trained Applicators

Using a Dex-O-Tex factory-trained applicator ensures expertise, adherence to manufacturer standards, and access to extended warranties.

Hygiene and Health

Coatings with antimicrobial properties can help maintain a cleaner and more hygienic environment, reducing the spread of germs and promoting the health and well-being of occupants.


Coatings can be used to improve safety by providing slip-resistant surfaces or marking emergency exits and safety zones.


Eco-friendly coatings can contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing the need for frequent repainting, conserving resources, and improving indoor air quality.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Coatings can lower long-term maintenance costs by protecting surfaces against damage, reducing the frequency of repairs, and making cleaning easier.

Dex-O-Tex offers a range of coating solutions that are perfect for educational environments. Whether it’s for inside the classroom and bathrooms or out in the bleachers, we have the ideal system.

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Where to Use

Colorflake Educational Flooring

Classrooms & Hallways

Durable, Chemical Resistance, Easy to Clean, Slip Proof, & Aesthetic Appeal.

Products and Systems


Seamless, Durable, Sanitary, Easy to Clean, and FDA/USDA Compliant.

Products and Systems

Kitchen Flooring
Locker Room Flooring

Locker Rooms

Durable, Sanitary, Slip Resistant, Chemical Resistance, and Anti-Microbial.

Products and Systems


Durable, Slip Resistant, Easy to Clean and Maintain.

Products and Systems

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