Build beautiful, clean, and long-lasting educational facilities with the help of advanced flooring and waterproofing systems by Dex-O-Tex.

School hallways and classroom floors take quite a beating from the incredible amount of foot traffic they experience. Without the right coating solutions for these floors, they can quickly deteriorate and even increase the risk of slips and falls.

Sanitation is also a consideration in schools, especially in locker rooms, kitchens, and cafeterias. By using the appropriate chemical-resistant and antimicrobial coating solutions for walls and floors, these risks can be mitigated, and students and staff have another layer of protection. 

Dex-O-Tex offers a range of coating solutions that are perfect for educational environments. Whether it’s for inside the classroom or out in the bleachers, we have the ideal system. 

Why Use Our Flooring and Waterproofing Systems?

Colorflake Application for Schools

Classrooms & Hallways

Durable, Chemical Resistance, Easy to Clean, Slip Proof, & Aesthetic Appeal.

Products and Systems

Kitchens & Cafeterias

Seamless, Durable, Sanitary, Easy to Clean, and FDA/USDA Compliant.

Products and Sytems

Urethane Concrete Application for Kitchens and Cafeterias
Tek-Crete SL-CQ w QG
Epoxy Resin Application for Locker Rooms
Quik-Glaze Pigmented

Locker Rooms

Durable, Sanitary, Slip Resistant, Chemical Resistance, and Anti-Microbial.

Products and Systems


Durable, Slip Resistant, Easy to Clean and Maintain.

Products and Sytems

Greek Theatre Project

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