Vehicular Traffic Coatings

Durable surfacing solutions for vehicle parking decks and areas with high pedestrian traffic.

Auto-Dex by Dex-O-Tex provides long-term flooring and surfacing solutions for parking decks and structures where the vehicle or high pedestrian traffic would normally wear through other coatings. These attractive systems protect concrete deck surfaces from the damaging effects of water and waterborne chloride penetration.

Formulated with superior design flexibility, Auto-Dex is ideal for new construction and renovation applications because it allows structures to seamlessly blend in or complement surrounding areas. Choose Auto-Dex for ultimate durability and easy maintenance to keep your structures looking like new for many years.

Auto Dex V

Cementitious Vehicle Decking System

Typical thickness 1/8”

Auto Dex 500

Elastomeric Vehicle Decking System

Typical 40-55 Mils

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