Electro Static Coatings

Electro-Flor 100 ESD

Electro Static Dissipative Flooring System
Typical Thickness 28 – 48 Mils

Electro-Flor 100 CD

Electro Static Dissipative Flooring System
Typical Thickness 32 – 36 Mils

Dex-O-Tex is a leader in ESD and conductive epoxy flooring. Electro Flor ESD and CD are fluid-applied, monolithic, flooring systems. CD is conductive for a spark-free work environment, and ESD is electrostatic discharge for ESD sensitive environments. Electrostatic floor coatings are used to protect the integrity of the flooring system and prevent hazards in the workplace.

With various color options and textures, these systems are ideal for renovation or construction projects. Dex-O-Tex flooring is durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. ESD and conductive epoxy flooring also provide superior protection from wear and tear caused by heavy machinery, harsh chemicals, and high-traffic areas. The material is designed for ease of installation with no vapor barrier required.

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