Electro Static Coatings

Dex-O-Tex is a leader in ESD and conductive epoxy flooring. Electro Flor ESD and CD are fluid-applied, monolithic, flooring systems. CD is conductive for a spark-free work environment, and ESD is electrostatic discharge for ESD sensitive environments. Electrostatic floor coatings are used to protect the integrity of the flooring system and prevent hazards in the workplace.

With various color options and textures, these systems are ideal for renovation or construction projects. Dex-O-Tex flooring is durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. ESD and conductive epoxy flooring also provide superior protection from wear and tear caused by heavy machinery, harsh chemicals, and high-traffic areas. The material is designed for ease of installation with no vapor barrier required.

Electro-Flor ESD

Electro Static Dissipative
Typical Thickness 22 Mils

Electro-Flor N Conductive

Novalac Conductive Flooring System
Typical Thickness 30 mils

Advantages of Electro Static Coatings

Electro static coating provides protection from exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and abrasion which can damage other surfaces. In addition, the material is designed to resist shock absorption which prevents dangerous static discharge in areas where sensitive components or machinery are present. 

Experience the myriad of benefits of using electro static coatings for your flooring project:

  • Sanitary – Electrostatic coating creates a seamless, smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. This makes it ideal for use in environments that require high levels of cleanliness, such as hospitals, laboratories, and food processing facilities. 
  • Excellent abrasion resistance – This type of coating is highly resistant to wear and tear, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. They are particularly well-suited for environments with heavy machinery or foot traffic as they can withstand the rigors of daily use without showing signs of wear.
  • Chemical resistant – Electrostatic coatings are also highly resistant to chemicals and other substances, making them ideal for use where spills and leaks are common. They can withstand exposure to a wide range of chemicals without becoming damaged or discolored.
  • Monolithic and seamless – Electrostatic coatings do not have joints and seams. This not only makes them more hygienic but also helps to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. It also gives the floor a sleek, modern appearance that can enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.
  • More durable than tile or sheet goods when exposed to forklift traffic – This type of flooring is typically more durable than others, such as tile or sheet goods, when exposed to heavy machinery like forklifts. This is because they are able to flex slightly under the weight of the machinery, which helps to prevent cracking and other types of damage.
  • Low VOC – Electrostatic coatings are often low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can harm humans and the environment. Using a low-VOC coating can help you create a safer, healthier environment for your employees and customers.

Different Uses of Electro Static Coatings

Electrostatic coatings are a versatile and durable flooring solution suitable for a wide range of applications, from industrial and commercial spaces to healthcare and educational facilities. 

Their seamless, hygienic surface is resistant to wear, chemicals, and abrasion, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. Their low VOC content makes them a safer and more sustainable alternative to traditional flooring materials.

Here are the different uses of this flooring type:

Powdered foodstuffs manufacturing

Electrostatic coatings provide a seamless, hygienic surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Since electro static coatings are seamless, powdered substances will not accumulate between joints. They are also highly resistant to abrasion and chemical damage, making them ideal for use in environments where food safety is a top priority.

Pharmaceutical industry

Similar to food labs, electro static coatings are ideal for sterile, clean environments such as in the pharmaceutical industry. Their seamless surface helps to prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria, while their chemical and abrasion resistance ensures a long lifespan.

Munitions and fine particle production plants

Electrostatic coatings are essential in environments where fine particles are produced, as they help to prevent the particles from becoming airborne and contaminating the surrounding area.

Laser and optical facilities

Electrostatic coatings are used in laser and optical facilities to create clean, dust-free environments that are essential for the accurate and precise operation of sensitive equipment.

Hospitals and healthcare centers

This type of flooring is ideally suited for hospitals and healthcare facilities due to its anti-static, anti-microbial, and easy maintenance characteristics. The epoxy coating provides a durable finish that can withstand daily scrubbing in these environments while still being conducive to proper electrostatic control. 

Electronics manufacturing

Electrostatic coatings are used in electronics manufacturing to create clean room environments that are free from static electricity, dust, and other contaminants that can damage sensitive electronic components. In addition, its non-conductive surface and static dissipative properties provide the perfect conditions to reduce electrical interference.

Computer data centers and server rooms

Electrostatic coatings are used in data centers and server rooms to prevent the buildup of static electricity, which can cause equipment failure and downtime.

Chemical plants

Electrostatic coatings are highly resistant to chemical damage, making them ideal for use in environments where exposure to corrosive chemicals is common.

Automobile manufacturing

Electrostatic coatings are used in automobile manufacturing to provide a durable, scratch-resistant surface that can withstand the rigors of daily use.

Aerospace and avionics

Due to its low-friction surface, ESC flooring is also ideal for aerospace and avionics repair facilities. This ensures a safe environment where mechanics can move around and easily maneuver heavy tools and equipment. The coating’s static dissipative properties provide further protection against electromagnetic interference while helping maintain the high safety standards necessary in this environment.

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