Urethane Cement Coating and Flooring for Industrial Spaces

Urethane Concrete Floor Coating

Dex-O-Tex urethane cement coatings and concrete flooring systems provide optimum flexibility and durability in tough environments, including warehouses and industrial complexes that house large machinery and deal with high levels of foot traffic. Since urethane coatings are glossy and durable, they are also an excellent option for showroom floors and aircraft hangars.

Dex-O-Tex offers high-performance urethane cement coatings and concrete flooring solutions designed to protect surfaces from harsh conditions such as high impacts, chemical attacks, and fluctuating temperatures. Our urethane flooring systems and coatings are not only durable and easy to maintain, but they also preserve their color and texture well over time.

Unlike acid brick and quarry tile, urethane concrete flooring systems provide a seamless surface for commercial and industrial spaces that protect floors from cracking and water intrusion. Its high durability and seamless protection make urethane floor coating a popular choice for restaurants, kitchens, research labs, and any application needing moisture and heat resistance.

Choose from a variety of Dex-O-Tex urethane flooring products, including fast-curing coatings as well as our industry-leading Tex-Crete urethane concrete flooring systems.

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Tough Floors for Tough Facilities

Highly resistant, sleek, and easy to maintain, our urethane concrete coating is ideal for facilities that endure a heavy foot and vehicular traffic daily. It’s designed to withstand even the toughest environments, including those that deal with chemicals, heavy indoor machinery, rumbling equipment, and 24/7-foot traffic. 

Urethane floors use hard-wearing urethane resin technology combined with cement powder. The result is a seamless concrete flooring with impressive resistance against chemical spills, thermal shocks, moisture vapor emission, abrasions, and harsh impacts. 

Dex-O-Tex’s urethane concrete flooring withstands:

  • Thermal Shocks – Urethane floor systems can resist up to 240°F without warping or buckling. They can withstand extreme thermal cycles, too; they hold their shape and form even with regular hot and cold-water wash downs.
  • Chemical Spills – Our floors resist a wide range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, amines, salts, solvents, and harsh cleaning solutions among others. Urethane can come in contact with most chemicals without being damaged or causing a reaction. They can also protect against UV lights.
  • Moisture – Our urethane floor coverings tolerate a high level of moisture compared to other flooring systems. These coatings are non-porous, so liquids can’t seep in and damage the floor.
  • Foot Traffic – Foot traffic is not an issue, as urethane flooring systems hold up even with staff members running around all day. They also easily support heavy indoor equipment, like steel cabinets and forklifts. 


Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain

A few decades ago, epoxy was the leading flooring system among industrial facilities — and for a good reason. It could withstand a wide array of chemical spills and heavy impacts. The downside, however, was that installation took a long time to complete. The surface of the concrete had to be prepared thoroughly before technicians could install the epoxy coating. Without extensive surface preparation, the floor coating would fail and become prone to blistering, ambering, and vapor transmission.

That’s why when urethane floors were introduced in the market, it became an instant favorite among contractors and industrial facilities. These operational environments need a reliable flooring system that’s easy to install and maintain. Manufacturing industries are growing at a record pace, and facilities need to be one step ahead of the competition. Logistics have to be followed to a T, and there isn’t any room for prolonged downtimes. Urethane systems enable these highly competitive industries to stay on schedule, always.

So, Dex-O-Tex provides industrial facilities with urethane floors that:

    • Have a Quick, Easy Installation ProcessUrethane can be installed on “green” concrete, even those that are only 10 days old. Unlike epoxy, these floor coatings don’t require an extensive installation process. Plus, they cure fast.
    • Work for Dry, Cold Environments – Urethane can be installed in facilities with low temperatures, like refrigerated areas.
    • Come in Different Colors – Our urethane coating is available in a wide selection of colors, including clear. You can choose shades that match the walls of the laboratory, hangar, or warehouse.
    • Emit Little to No Odor Cementitious urethane flooring doesn’t emit unpleasant, overpowering odors during or after installation. It makes for healthy air quality and a safe environment for your employees.
    • Increase Safety – Level, uniform, and non-slip urethane carries fewer safety risks than other coatings for concrete. Plus, urethane bonds exceptionally well with concrete, reducing the chances of accident-prone cracks and buckles.
    • Require Easy Maintenance – Because urethane resists spills and scratches, upkeep is easy and less expensive. Moreover, urethane isn’t porous, so it has a smooth surface that’s easy to clean.


Designed for the Harshest Industrial Spaces

Urethane is perfect for manufacturing, retail, and even commercial facilities. Dex-O-Tex cementitious urethane floor coatings in various buildings, including:

  • Pharmaceutical production facilities
  • Food and beverage processing stores
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Laboratories
  • Wet and dry processing zones
  • Storage warehouses
  • Transportation facilities (terminals, hangars, airports, etc.)
  • Healthcare facilities


Build Sleek and Durable Floors for Your Facilities

Work with Dex-O-Tex, and you have the peace of mind that your floors will be safe, resistant, and high-performing. We’ll review the specific requirements for the flooring solution in your facilities.

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