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Grow rooms or indoor farms have more complex construction requirements than traditional greenhouses, primarily because the former are soil-free environments. The enclosed space creates a host of challenges for growing plants, especially in terms of water and sunlight. Facility managers rely on hydroponic systems and powerful LED lights to keep the plants green and thriving.

However, the structure of the grow room must have the capacity to support such a setup. Otherwise, the plants would suffer. Grow room floors in particular need to be top quality to prevent problems, such as moisture buildup, mold and mildew, and similar concerns.

Grow rooms require more specialized flooring systems than the regular concrete variety. Here are several considerations on concrete floors for grow rooms:

  • Concrete is naturally porous. It easily absorbs liquids and other substances in the indoor farm, including fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. These substances penetrate the concrete and go out to the surrounding environment. Such contamination is highly dangerous and is a violation of public health guidelines.
  • Unprotected concrete floors are prone to moisture transmission. The moisture from the soil underneath move upward toward the concrete slab. The vapor causes damage to the floor in the form of blisters or bubbles.
  • Regular watering creates a humid environment. This contributes to floor deterioration, especially for unprotected concrete. The high humidity combined with an enclosed space is an invitation for microbial growth, which is another violation of health and sanitation codes.

Dex-O-Tex provides grow room flooring solutions to prevent these issues.

Our coating products create a highly durable, waterproof, and scratch-resistant surface to protect bare concrete slabs. We use synthetic flooring systems, which offer a smooth outer layer. The seamless coating minimizes the cracks and crevices wherein dirt, grime, and chemicals get stuck. These flooring materials display high abrasion resistance as well, allowing the floor to sustain daily wear-and-tear.

Our products offer excellent water-resistant properties, so the floor deflects the fluids instead of absorbing them. This feature prevents moisture buildup in the grow room and maintains the health of the farm.

Cannabis Facility Grow Room

Grow Room

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