Acousti-Fill Underlayment

Acousti-Fill Underlayment

Lightweight, trowel-applied flooring underlayment for absorbing sound.

Dex-O-Tex Acousti-Fill is a lightweight, trowel-applied flooring underlayment designed to absorb sound and reduce sound transmission. Its latex composition contains a sound absorptive, vibration-damping aggregate, which markedly reduces Impact Noise Radiation (INR) and improves the Sound Transmission Classification (STC).

Acousti-Fill can be installed beneath a variety of floor finishes, including carpet, resilient tile, ceramic tile. It can also be used to absorb sound on promenade decking for apartment or condo complexes or in mechanical equipment rooms to dampen intense sound vibrations.


  • Reduces Impact Noise Radiation (INR) and improves Sound Transmission Classification (STC)
  • Monolithic
  • Light weight
  • Quick installation over a wide range of surfaces
  • Green technology
  • No toxic odors during installation
  • Installed only by professional, factory-trained Dex-O-Tex contractors

Technical Info

  • Compressive Strength ASTM C109 (2″X2″ cube) – 250 psi
  • Surface Hardness ASTM D2240 Durometer
    • Scale “A” – 75
    • Scale “D” – 20
  • Indentation Characteristics (Impacted Load) MIL-D-3134, Para. 4.7.3. (2 lb. ball) – No cracking or loss of bond indentation 0.047″
  • Adhesion MIL-PRF-3135, Para 4.5.12 (Shear from steel plate) – 125 psi
  • Resistance to Elevated Temperature – No flow or slip MIL-PRF-3135 Para 4.5.5. – Complies
  • Density Weight per Cu. Ft – 60 lbs
  • Weight pounds per sq. ft. at 1″ thickness – 5 lbs.
  • Impact Noise Radiation (INR) At 1″ Thickness ASTM E492 – INR 0
  • Sound Transmission Classification (STC) At 1″ Thickness ASTM E413-04 – STC 51
  • At 1/2″ Thickness over 6″ Thick concrete – STC 49
  • Yield – 13″ feet squared at 1″ thickness



Product Information

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