M-E Flooring

M-E Flooring

Waterproof flooring for equipment rooms over occupied space and other sensitive areas exposed to potential water leaks.

M-E flooring is a troweled-applied, waterproof flooring system for mechanical equipment rooms, air conditioning rooms, and other areas above occupied space subject to water leaks.

The flooring system is applied in troweled layers to form an elastic latex waterproof membrane and an integral waterproof base turned up at walls and equipment pads for a durable, finished floor. M-E flooring can be applied over new or existing concrete or masonry surfaces. All components are environmentally safe and entirely water-based with no toxic odor during installation.


  • Monolithic, molded waterproof system across floors and up bases, curbs, equipment pads, and pipe sleeves
  • Tight adhesion
  • Can be applied over new or existing surfaces
  • Environmentally safe, no toxic odor or flammable hazard during installation
  • Installed only by professional, factory-trained Dex-O-Tex contractors


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