VaporControl Primer FC

VaporControl Primer FC

Fast Cure Epoxy Moisture Mitigation System

Dex-O-Tex VaporControl™ Primer 1P is a uniquely modified fluid-applied epoxy moisture mitigation system. It is designed to be used as a vapor mitigation system on grade, above grade, and below-grade concrete surfaces.

Typical Thickness 17 Mils


Product Information

Where to Use:

  • The epoxy primer is placed directly on properly prepared, durable concrete substrates.


  • Meets ASTM F-3010
  • 24lbs/1000sqft/24 hours per ASTM F1869 or 99% RH per ASTM F2170
  • 10 Year full replacement warranty available (Consult with Crossfield Product Corp. for registration)
  • Reduces or eliminates the negative effects of moisture vapor emissions
  • Excellent adhesion to damp concrete
  • High compressive, flexural, and tensile strengths
  • LEED Points may be available

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