A-81 Underlayment

A-81 Underlayment

Smooth, Sloping, and Resurfacing Underlayment

A-81 Underlayment is a polymer modified pre-packaged cementitious sloping, leveling and patching compound for structural or lightweight concrete or lath-reinforced plywood.

Typical Thickness: 1/8" - 2"

A-81 Slope to Drain

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Product Information
CSI Specifications
  • A-81 Underlayment


  • Superior adhesion
  • Low permeability, yet breathable
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Excellent freeze-thaw resistance
  • Similar expansion-contraction as concrete
  • VOC Compliant

Where to Use:

  • As a Sloping, smoothing, patching, and resurfacing material.
  • Underlayment prior to placement of tile, vinly, wood, and resinous flooring

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