Electro-Flor Coating

Conductive and static-dissipating floor coatings to protect against electrostatic damage.

Electro-Flor epoxy coatings create conductive and static-dissipating flooring systems for areas sensitive to electrostatic damage. These high-solids, epoxy coatings are electrically active within resistance range requirements for conductive (ECD) or static-dissipative (ESD) flooring, which prevents damage to electronic products and equipment.

It’s important that static control requirements are clearly specified to insure proper static-dissipative levels. Workers interacting with the floor must be connected to it through conductive footwear, straps, or wheels. This is usually a requirement for all conductive and static-dissipating flooring systems.

Electro-Flor systems are designed for installation over concrete surfaces. If the substrate is uneven, a Dex-O-Tex troweled or self-leveling floor should be applied prior to the Electro-Flor system.


  • Protective ECD and ESD flooring systems
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Monolithic, seamless
  • Chemical resistant
  • More durable than tile or sheet goods when exposed to forklift traffic
  • Available in a wide range of standard colors
  • Installed only by professional, factory-trained Dex-O-Tex contractors

Please see the product safety data sheets.

Electro-Flor Coating System Options

Electro-Flor HS SD

Static-dissipative floor coating (fluid applied)

  • Protective static dissipative (ESD) flooring
  • Fluid-applied system
  • Typical thickness of 37 mils (0.939mm) to 50 mils (1.27mm)

Electro-Flor W SD 

Static-dissipative floor coating (roller applied)

  • Protective static dissipative (ESD) flooring
  • Roller-applied system
  • Typical thickness of 12 mils (0.3mm) to 14 mils (0.4mm)
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