Commercial Kitchens

Dex-O-Tex’s flooring systems provide efficient and sanitary surfaces for commercial kitchens. Our advanced flooring solutions are specially formulated to meet the operational requirements of the manufacturing plant’s architecture.

Food safety and hygiene must be considered in the design of a food and beverage facility’s flooring system. This is to ensure the safe production and processing of goods. Dex-O-Tex offers a variety of food and beverage floor options that feature sanitary and easy-to-clean surfaces, helping reduce the risk of contamination.

Additionally, our floor options for food and beverage floor coatings are designed to withstand the weight of heavy machines. They are resistant to chemical spillage, temperature fluctuations, as well as heavy and constant foot and cart traffic.

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Urethane Concrete Application for Kitchens and Cafeterias
Tek-Crete SL-CQ w QG


Seamless, Durable, Sanitary, Easy to Clean, and FDA/USDA Compliant.

Products and Systems

Freezers and Refrigeration

Temperature Resistant, Durable, and Sanitary.

Products and Systems

Urethane Concrete Application for Freezers
Tek-Crete TT
Urethane Concrete Application for Bottling and Packaging Areas
Tek-Crete SL-B w Sealer CP

Bottling/Packaging Area

Durable, Chemical Resistance, Easy to Clean, Slip Proof, & Aesthetic Appeal.

Products and Systems

Reception and Office Areas

Durable, Chemical Resistance, Easy to Clean, Slip Proof, & Aesthetic Appeal.

Products and Systems

Flooring Solutions for Reception Areas
Cheminert Terrazzo
Urethane Concrete Application for Restrooms


Durable, Sanitary, Slip Resistant, Chemical Resistance, and Anti-Microbial.

Products and Systems

Mechanical Equipment Rooms

Waterproof, Heavy Duty, Durable, Chemical Resistant, Slip Resistant.

Products and Systems

Waterproof Flooring Systems for Mechanical Equipment Rooms
M-E Flooring

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