Decked Out: Improvements You should Make to Your Hotel’s Pool Deck

Decked Out Hotel Pool Deck

Decked Out: Improvements You should Make to Your Hotel’s Pool Deck

Your guests will be flocking to your pool to keep themselves cool this summer. However, you don’t want to greet them with a cracked deck, outdated lounge chairs, and dead greenery. That’s one or two stars you won’t get back from a review. Consider making these improvements to your pool deck and give your guests the refreshingly warm welcome they deserve.

Give Your Guests Better Seats

Lounge chairs keep your guests relax before or after taking a dip. Some people use it just to get a natural tan from the sun. This is why it’s important to provide your guests with clean and comfortable seats. Don’t just settle for plastic ones, get a chaise lounge made of quality wood and steel. If you’re on a budget, you can always refurbish old ones by sanding off rust for steel chairs, sealing wooden ones with lacquer or varnish, and finishing the work off with a fresh coat of paint.

Make sure the cushions are UV protected to keep them looking great despite being under the sun for a long time. You may also want to use treatment sprays on them to keep mold and mildew from staining their fabric.

Maintain Your Nooks

You don’t want your guests to stay in a dusty and rotting cottage when they want to find refuge from the summer sun. Inspect your nooks for any structural problems or wood rot, and have them repaired immediately. You should also repaint and revarnish your cottages to make sure that their wood is sealed and protected from the sun’s heat and summer rain showers.

Modern and luxurious deck

Get Closer to Nature

If you already have an array of plants surrounding your pool, all you need to do is to hire a landscape services provider to clean it up and maintain the greenery. If you don’t have a landscape yet, however, you may want to consider putting up some plant boxes to grow palm trees and ornamental grasses like lemongrass and fescue in. These plants make your pool area look more serene and relaxing. Plus, your guests will appreciate the fresher air and natural cooling effect they provide.

Improve Your Deck

Constant exposure to the sun and water can deteriorate your pool’s concrete deck and cause it to lose its grip. This is a serious safety hazard, as over 1 million people visit the ER every year because of slip and fall injuries. It’s worth closing off the area for a few days to install waterproof deck covering to protect it from the harsh summer heat, water and chlorine from your pool, and constant foot traffic. This lets it look better and maintain its grip for longer.

Your pool is one of the most important amenities your hotel offers, especially during hot summer days. Apart from regular cleaning, you should make sure the deck is safe and comfortable for guests to use. Take all these tips into consideration and your pool might just give you the five-star review you’ve always wanted to get.

Protect Your Concrete Against Water and Fire Damage

When it comes to protecting your concrete floors, ask your contractor for deck covering that provides water and fire-resistance. Here at Dex-O-Tex, we offer a large collection of commercial surfacing that can be applied to garages, decks, walkways, and balconies. Our products, like the Weatherwear system, protects your decking surfaces from water and fire damage. They’re also environmentally friendly so you don’t have to worry about adding to your building’s carbon footprint.

Contact us today to get your concrete services protected.

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