Corridors / Hallways

Corridors / Hallways

Dex-O-Tex offers a range of flooring solutions for corridors and hallways that stand up under heavy traffic and regular cleaning. Choose from an array of beautiful options to achieve the look want, at the price you need.


Decorative flooring system using quartz crystals to create a seamless, attractive floor that is as strong as it as beautiful.


Epoxy flooring broadcast with decorative vinyl chips to create an attractive finish at an economical cost.


Thin-section, mosaic flooring for settings where beauty and functionality are both a priority.


Dex-O-Tex Terrazzo flooring is one of the best decorative flooring options on the market providing durability, versatility, and beauty.

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Let Dex-O-Tex share over 80 years of expertise in advanced flooring, coating, waterproofing, and more. Complete your construction project proficiently with the use of superior solutions.

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