Epoxy flooring broadcast with decorative vinyl chips to create an attractive finish at an economical cost.

Colorflake L is a seamless, fluid-applied epoxy flooring system ideal for a variety of industries from food service to manufacturing to laboratories.

The flooring system involves a multi-step installation consisting of an epoxy primer base coat and an epoxy pigmented receiving coat, which is broadcast with decorative vinyl chips, followed by a topcoat of clear aliphatic polyester urethane. The decorative vinyl chips can be broadcast from sparse to full, depending on desired look.

Colorflake L is resistant to most common materials spilled in light manufacturing and vehicle service, providing both durability and an attractive appearance at a very economical cost.


  • A seamless, decorative flooring at moderate cost
  • Excellent gloss and easy maintenance
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Resists wide range of service chemicals
  • Available with protective biocide
  • Complies with VOC regulations
  • Installed only by professional, factory-trained Dex-O-Tex contractors

Technical Info

  • Compressive Strength ASTM D695 – 9,000 psi
  • Tensile Strength ASTM D638 – 1,200 psi
  • Hardness ASTM D2240 Shore D – 80-85
  • Impact Resistance ASTM D2794 – Passes
  • Flexibility ASTM D1737, 180° Bend, 3/4″ Mandrel – Passes
  • Adhesion ASTM D4541 – > 400 psi (100% failure in concrete)
  • Thermal Shock Resistance ASTM 1211
    Cycle of immersion in boiling water 10 mins
    Followed by ice water 10 mins – Passes 6 cycles
  • Co-efficient of Static Friction ASTM C609 – Dry – Rubber 0.68, Leather 0.71
  • Microbial Resistance ASTM G21 – Passes

Please see product safety data sheets.

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Maintaining a hygienic commercial kitchen is one of the biggest challenges of running a busy restaurant. As a business owner, manager or chef, it is important to have a system in place as well as an outline of how to keep your kitchen in top shape. When you implement a system for your staff to follow, you educate them of good practices that prevent common hazards such as slips and fires. It is important to conduct regular inspections to ensure that your kitchen is safe for your employees and customers. This way, you prevent unexpected breakdowns that can affect your kitchen’s productivity.

Schedule professional maintenance

To keep your kitchen running smoothly, conduct regular preventive maintenance. Make sure your equipment is consistently performing to save you time and money on repairs. Replace broken and worn out parts to keep them functioning for many years. Should repairs be required, you can call in a professional to troubleshoot for you.

Professionals will provide your business with all the reliable repairs and replacements required for your team to prepare a great meal for your customers. They will also assess your staff’s activities, provide safety regulations, identify immediate and potential hazards, respond to unsafe situations and look for ways to improve your current system.

Ensure sanitation

Cleanliness is the key to a successful restaurant or hotel. With regular cleaning, you ensure that the food coming out is safe for your customers to eat. There are some cleaning jobs that can be accomplished monthly, while there are others that must be done regularly.

Food preparation takes place in the kitchen, so you can expect your countertops and hard surfaces to be a breeding ground for bacteria. These should be wiped clean a couple of times a day to ensure that the food you will serve is safe for consumption. Appliances and equipment such as ovens, toasters, fryers, grills and coffee makers should be deep cleaned weekly so they stay in excellent condition. Your ceiling, floor and walls should also be wiped daily to remove grease and food particles. Wash out your exhaust vents and hoods every few months to remove grease and grime. Finally, do an extensive cleaning of your racks, shelves and cabinets every six months.

Inspect your flooring

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Every day, your kitchen flooring is exposed to heavy industrial cooking equipment, extreme temperatures and spills. With overall constant use, your surface will require annual floor preservation. To maintain your flooring, ensure a slip-resistant surface that won’t surrender to the daily application of harsh cleaning agents. Waterproof epoxy floor coating will help protect your concrete floor against liquid damage, saving you expensive routine maintenance costs. This resinous finish provides a hardwearing, tough and scratch-resistant surface that performs well in areas, like walk-in freezers, which are subject to water immersion.

Dex-O-Tex offers a full line of floor, wall and waterproofing systems for commercial, industrial and residential spaces in the US. We provide our solutions to schools, laboratories, athletic facilities, restaurants, hospitals and many other environments. If you want to know more about the products and services we offer, visit our website at

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