Five Benefits of Epoxy Floorings in Restaurants

Five Benefits of Epoxy Floorings in Restaurants

Whether you’re a restaurant or a commercial kitchen owner, you worry about a lot of things, and the flooring shouldn’t be one of them.

Since the floors are one of the most used areas in any business, especially in kitchens and restaurants, the floor must be high-quality, durable, and easy to clean. Well, epoxy floorings check all the boxes. These types of floors can withstand quite the weight of scratches, spills, and grime. 

With such practical features, it’s no wonder that epoxy floorings make a very lucrative investment. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of epoxy flooring systems for restaurants and why your business should not be left without them.

Epoxy Floorings Are Super Durable

Epoxy floorings are coated with a special scratch-resistant film that minimizes wear and tear. If your floor is concrete, you can layer it with a coat of epoxy to prolong its lifespan and make it sturdier. They are easily the best flooring options for restaurants, food courts, kitchens, and any other business handling food or receiving high traffic from people. 

Epoxy Floorings Are Cost-Effective

Even though it sounds expensive, epoxy flooring is really a budget-friendly option. Compared to tiles, epoxy flooring systems are way less expensive. For instance, epoxy flooring can cost anywhere from $2.50 per square foot if you buy in bulk, which is a good idea for large restaurants and commercial kitchens.

For a small-scale purchase, you won’t pay more than $8 per square foot, and that’s for a high-end epoxy finish.

Epoxy Floorings Are Safe and Slip-Resistant

Epoxy Floorings Are Safe and Slip-Resistant

Working in a kitchen means spills, drips, scratchings, and running around. Workers in kitchens with epoxy flooring don’t have to worry about slipping and falling, as these types of flooring systems are slip-resistant.

Other than slips and falls, epoxy floorings are also safe around fires, high temperatures, sudden impacts, etc.  

Epoxy Floorings Are Resistant to Chemicals

Kitchen staff use different chemicals to keep the surfaces and cooking equipment clean, which can lead to mishaps, like damaging the floors — in a kitchen with epoxy flooring, that won’t happen. The non-porous features of epoxy make it the perfect waterproof, chemical-resistant barrier, and no amount of chemicals will lessen its effectiveness or damage it. 

Epoxy Floorings Require Little Maintenance

A busy restaurant needs to be efficient, both when preparing and serving food and also when cleaning the premises. When it comes to epoxy floorings, maintenance really is a breeze. Compared to traditional restaurant floors, epoxy floorings need no vigorous scrubbing, pre-treatments, or other cleaning methods.

The coating on epoxy floorings makes cleaning and maintenance easy while reducing the chances of spreading bacteria and germs. Epoxy floors won’t need scrubbing or polishing; a simple sweep with your usual cleaning equipment is enough to keep the floor spotless. 

Dex-O-Tex: Bringing Epoxy Flooring System Benefits for Restaurants to You!

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