Decorative and Terrazzo Flooring

Decorative and Terrazzo Flooring

Dex-O-Tex decorative and terrazzo floors are one of the best flooring options on the market because they offer elegant, durable, and low-maintenance flooring solutions for commercial and residential environments.

In the past, terrazzo was made by mixing small marble rocks with clay and then grinding and polishing the surface until it’s smooth, showcasing the decorative design of the marbles. Now, terrazzo flooring is available in seamless systems. Small marble chips, colorful stones, and decorative glass pieces are embedded in concrete bases that are polished and buffed to a high shine.

With its striking details and durable concrete material, terrazzo flooring creates a lasting impression while providing a hard-wearing surface. If you plan to install terrazzo or decorative flooring in your next construction project, Dex-O-Tex is the supplier and installer you must include in your specifications.

Our decorative and terrazzo flooring systems are highly flexible, allowing you to pick the color, shape, pattern, and combination of aggregates used. In addition to being attractive, many of our decorative flooring options are extremely durable and can withstand harsh chemicals, moisture, and heavy traffic, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

For the ultimate combination of beauty and durability, choose Dex-O-Tex decorative and terrazzo flooring to enhance the value of your next remodel or new construction project.

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Dex-O-Tex Terrazzo Flooring for Outdoor Applications

Terrazzo flooring has long been associated with elegant, decorative interior floors. But it’s a flooring material that’s perfect for outdoor applications as well. In fact, terrazzo flooring was first used on terraces in Venice, Italy.

Sustainable Flooring

Historically, Venetian construction workers mixed job-site scraps with clay to create inexpensive flooring for their terraces and patios at home. Terrazzo flooring remains one of the most environment-friendly flooring options today. It is made of many recycled aggregates, including glass chips, marble rocks, and other suitable materials.

Customized Aggregates

Terrazzo allows construction projects to have flooring with intricate, customized patterns and designs. With Dex-O-Tex terrazzo flooring, you may select virtually any color or pattern combination. You may even request to substitute marble chips for granite, mother-of-pearl, or other aggregates for an additional price.

Hard-Wearing Surface

Because of its scrap-bonded nature, terrazzo flooring can withstand high foot traffic and harsh weather conditions. It can be an ideal flooring for residential patios and even outdoor pavers in commercial buildings. Also, Dex-O-Tex uses long-lasting, scratch-resistant flooring and coating products to ensure durability.

Safe, Slip-Resistant Flooring

Many outdoor floors are highly slippery when wet, but terrazzo can be finished with much less gloss to ensure a safer exterior environment. Plus, unlike wood materials and separated stones, terrazzo flooring means there’s no need to worry about splinters or dislodged materials that can be trip hazards.

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