Waterproof membrane with a fabric-reinforced layer for ultimate fracture resistance.

Dex-O-Tex Neobond is a fracture-resistant, waterproof membrane designed for use beneath ceramic tile, marble, quarry tile, and certain types of troweled composition flooring. It consists of a proprietary Neoprene rubber emulsion with a fabric-reinforced cementitious layer for ultimate protection from cracking. Apply Neobond between slabs or below grade and mold over bases and curbs for a tightly-adhering, waterproof surface.


  • Provides positive waterproofing
  • Reduces reflective cracking caused by substrate movement
  • Forms a monolithic, tightly-adhering, molded membrane across floors and up bases and curbs
  • Thin section, no depression of slab required
  • Can be applied over new or existing surfaces
  • Environmentally safe, contains no organic solvents and is VOC compliant
  • Installed only by professional, factory-trained Dex-O-Tex contractors

Technical Info

  • Bond Strength ASTM C482 (modified) Dry – 77 psi Wet – 62 psi
  • Tensile Strength Ceramic Tile Inst. SE S763 Dry – 46 psi Wet – 50 psi
  • Breaking Strength ASTM D751 – 265 psi
  • Elongation Fabric Reinforced ASTM D751 – 50.5%
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance ASTM D751 Method A, Procedure 1 – 240 psi
  • Ozone Resistance ASTM D1149 (72 hrs @ 100 ppm No cracking, 90°F plus hydrostatic crazing or waterFHA 4900.1) penetration
  • Dimensional Stability ASTM D1204 – <0.5%
  • Indention Resistance FMA 4900.1, Sect. 615-5 – No water (shower pans) penetration
  • Puncture Resistance FMA 4900.1, Sect. 615-5 – No water (shower pans) penetration
  • Microbial Resistant ASTM G21- Passes Rating 2

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