Submittal Packages

Product Submittal Packages

We are currenlty updating our Submittal Packages, For current SDS and Product information, please use the architectural resource tab above.




  • AeroFlor 100
  • A-81 Underlayment
  • Cheminert K
  • Cheminert HD
  • Cheminert SC Membrane
  • Cheminert Terrazzo
  • Decor-Flor Resin
  • Decor-Flor Brodcast System
  • Elasta Flake RFS
  • Electro Flor ESD
  • Flex-Shield
  • Flex-Glaze
  • HPT
  • M-E Flooring
  • Posi-Tred O
  • Posi-Tred CR
  • Quik-Glaze
  • Resistite
  • Tek-Crete SL-B with Posi-Tred CR Sealer
  • Tek-Crete SL-B with Tek-Crete Sealer CP
  • Tek-Crete SL-CQ with Quik-Glaze Sealer
  • Tek-Crete TT
  • Tek-Crete SLCF with Quik-Glaze Sealer
  • Terracolor
  • VaporControl Primer 1P

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