Healthcare Flooring Solutions

Flooring Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities demand the most durable, hygienic, and stain-resistant floors to meet stringent sanitation regulations. The flooring systems must also be economical and low-maintenance to reduce the facility’s cleaning downtime.

Traditional vinyl floorings are prone to stains and are time consuming to sterilize between operations. The demanding sanitization process required to maintain vinyl floors can cause damage. The abrasion from scouring out stains removes the sealer, resulting in the need for costly repairs. Physical damage from falling instruments and rolling carts and wheelchairs further damage the floors, causing rips and broken welds.

Dex-O-Tex provides stain-resistant and hygienic flooring options that are antibacterial and easy to maintain and sterilize. We have a team of dedicated, industry-certified experts providing high-performance flooring solutions for highly specialized markets in the healthcare industry. Our seamless flooring is backed by over 50 years of experience in sterile and aseptic areas in medical facilities.

  • Lobbies / Atriums
  • Cafeterias
  • Corridors / Hallways
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Helicopter Pads
  • Kitchens
  • Labs
  • Laundries
  • Mechanical Equipment Rooms
  • Morgues
  • Operating Rooms
  • Patient Rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Trauma Centers
Project: Operating Rooms, CHOC Hospital - Anaheim, CA Products: Terracolor with Quik-Glaze topcoat

Upholding Maximum Hygiene and Sanitation

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities see high foot traffic and undergo different conditions throughout the day. Emergency rooms, especially, are exposed to substances and bodily fluids, which splatter onto the facility’s floors. Failure to thoroughly sanitize these floors poses a health risk for the patients. Thus, healthcare facilities demand antibacterial and sterile flooring to uphold maximum sanitation.

Ideal Flooring System for Healthcare Facilities

Synthetic healthcare flooring solutions offer a seamless surface, so there are no cracks and crevices for the dirt and hospital substances to settle in. Materials such as epoxy, resin, and urethane feature a waterproof, stain-resistant finish, which means they can withstand fluids commonly present in hospitals. A seamless, water-resistant floor also prevents the growth of microorganisms, like mold and mildew. Synthetic coatings help control the risk of infection and keep the building up to code, making them the ideal materials for flooring for healthcare facilities.

The smooth, seamless surface of synthetic floors is easy to clean as well since stains and dirt do not cling to the material. This makes it easy for facility managers to sanitize and maintain the floors, reducing cleaning downtime.

Sanitary flooring does not have to be dull and boring. Healthcare facilities must also create an environment that puts the visitors and patients at ease. As such, aesthetically pleasing floors are a need, especially for certain rooms in the building, such as lobbies, reception areas, and patient rooms.

Functional and Aesthetic Flooring Solutions

Dex-o-Tex offers an array of healthcare flooring solutions. Our products are strategically engineered with the best materials to ensure flooring systems that meet the industry’s health and sanitation regulations.

Choose from our range of proprietary products. We have options for outdoor and indoor surfaces, for settings where aesthetics and functionality are both a priority, and for rooms that require maximum durability. 

For lobbies and reception areas, the Décor-Flor and Terracolor variants are decorative flooring systems that are simultaneously attractive and resilient. On the other hand, the Elastaflake RFS Flooring features a water-resistant surface that is both comfortable and durable, so it’s ideal for high-traffic rooms, like laboratories, operating rooms, and emergency rooms. 

High-Performing and Efficient Healthcare Floors

Plain concrete floors are not enough in the fast-paced environment of hospitals. Emergency rooms and operating rooms prioritize urgency and positive patient outcomes. Doctors and nurses rush to attend to multiple patients at a time, with some being in critical condition. Concrete floors are prone to cracks, stains, and other damage, which impede the efficiency of medical professionals and create hazards.

Seamless flooring systems can solve this concern. Synthetic materials make the best flooring for healthcare facilities because they offer scratch-resistant surfaces. This scuff-resistant property lessens floor damage, so patients, doctors, and nurses do not have to worry about tripping over cracks. Wheeled medical equipment, such as stretchers and wheelchairs, glide more easily on the smooth surface as well. Overall, seamless floors improve hospital efficiency by cutting transfer time between rooms.

Synthetic flooring solutions can last for decades. Their longevity cuts repair and reinstallation costs, helping health facilities reduce expenses.

Don’t just settle for mediocre healthcare flooring systems. Choose high-performing solutions that will improve the efficiency and service of the healthcare facility.

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