Flooring Systems for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Tek-Crete urethane concrete is an advanced flooring system formulated to meet the critical needs of commercial and institutional kitchens. The anti-microbial and slip-resistant surface is ideal for kitchen and food service. This durable flooring system withstands exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals, pressure washing and steam cleaning. As a result, it is perfect for environments where cleanliness and safety are high priorities.
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Flooring Systems for Food and Beverage Manufacturing Products

Tek-Crete Sealer CP

Tek-Crete Sealer CP is a UV Stable aliphatic polyurethane resin mixed with a cementitious powder designed to be used as a topcoat for Tek-Crete Flooring Systems.

Cheminert Flooring

Epoxy flooring systems for superior protection against chemical exposure in industrial environments.


The Tek-Crete series is the best in its class of urethane flooring systems and is protecting millions of square feet of concrete in the most abusive environments.

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