Industry-leading system for waterproofing balconies, promenades, and other decking surfaces.

Dex-O-Tex Weatherwear is a fire-retardant system perfect for waterproofing balconies, promenades, play areas, observation decks, and other pedestrian surfaces. Weatherware uses a unique multi-layered system featuring a slip sheet that allows it to “float” over normal building cracks and movement. Its durable, attractive surface is designed to protect against foot traffic and roof furniture.

In addition to its high durability, Weatherwear offers a broad range of decorative finishes including many custom-made looks and textures to satisfy any architectural design. From major roof installations on prominent buildings, to applications on single-family residences, Weatherwear has been performing since the 1940’s with more than 100 million square feet installed.


  • Monolithic, including integral flashing
  • Slip-sheet permits “floating” over cracks in substrate
  • Class “A” fire rating
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low life-cycle cost
  • Environmentally friendly – low VOC, no hydrocarbon, solvents, or isocyanates
  • Installed only by professional, factory-trained Dex-O-Tex contractors

Technical Info

  • Weight – 2.5 lbs. psf
  • Accelerated Aging – ASTM D756, Procedure D & E, 6 cycles (No chalking, crazing, cracking, blistering, delaminating, etc.) – No effect
  • Freeze-Thaw
    • ASTM C67 – No breakage
    • (50 cycles) – Weight loss >1%
  • Percolation ICBO Test – No moisture on underside, Max, drop in water column 0.10″ Complies ICBO Standard for this test
  • Water Absorption MIL-D-3134 & ASTM D570 – 6.09%
  • Wind Uplift – Factory Mutual 1-52, Qualifying Wind Velocity with a 3 Safety Factor – 131 m.p.h. complies ICBO requirement

Please see product safety data sheets.



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