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SLU-50 Underlayment

Self-leveling, rapid-setting underlayment for interior projects.

SLU-50 by Dex-O-Tex is a polymer-modified, cementitious underlayment ideal for smoothing rough and uneven substrates. It’s designed to be self-leveling and applied over concrete or any other sound surfaces.

SLU-50 Underlayment is mixed with water at the job site to create a fluid consistency that is pumped or poured onto the surface and spread into place. It seeks its own level without hand troweling and rapidly sets and hardens. SLU-50 can be installed from a thickness of 3/16″ (4.76 mm) up to 2″ (50.8 mm), and will spread out to a feathered edge. It’s designed only for interior applications and should not be used for sloping.


  • Self leveling and rapid setting
  • Water resistant
  • Self curing and offers superior adhesion (polymer-fortified)
  • Simplified cleanup (clean tools with water)
  • High compressive strength
  • Installed only by professional, factory-trained Dex-O-Tex contractors

Technical Info

  • Compressive Strength
    • ASTM C109, 4 hours – 1,800 psi
    • ASTM C109, 1 day – 2,800 psi
    • ASTM C109, 7 days – 3,500 psi
    • ASTM C109, 28 days – 4,200 psi
  • Tensile Strength (ASTM C190 – 450 psi
  • Flexural Strength (ASTM C348 – 1,000 psi
  • Flammability ( ASTM E84)
    • Flame Spread – 0
    • Fuel Contribution – 0
    • Smoke Development – 0
  • Shrinkage (ASTM C157, 7 days) – 0.05
  • Flow Rate, Crossfield Lab, (seconds) – 24
  • Spread, Crossfield Lab (ASTM Calibrator) – 21 cm
  • Reheal, Crossfield Lab (minutes) – 20+

Please see product safety data sheets.

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