Overhead, Patching & Underlayment

High-performance patching and underlayment systems to provide a stable surface for your finished application.

Dex-O-Tex patching, overhead, and underlayment systems are designed to prepare a stable, desirable foundation for your final flooring or finished surface.

Our underlayment and patching systems offer a variety of solutions for smoothing, leveling, patching, or sloping existing surfaces in preparation for floor finishes such as carpet, tile, Dex-O-Tex flooring systems, and more. Our product options range from concrete additives, to resurfacing systems, to self-leveling solutions that can be applied over almost any sound surface—concrete, ceramic tile, wood or metal.

Browse through our overhead, underlayment, and patching products to find the right system for your commercial or residential project, whether you’re looking to prevent moisture, absorb sound, or provide rapid installation with a quick-drying solution.

Overhead, Patching & Underlayment Products

A-81 Underlayment

Our most popular floor underlayment system for patching, smoothing, and resurfacing.

High Strength Mortar

Dex-O-Tex High Strength Mortar is a polymer-modified, cementitious mortar fortified with micro-fiber reinforcement.

Acousti-Fill Underlayment

Lightweight, trowel-applied flooring underlayment for absorbing sound.

Contex Admixture

Trowel-applied flooring underlayment for larger projects and thicker installations.

G-26 Underlayment

Highly-flexible, rubber latex underlayment for thinner smoothing applications.

SLU-50 Underlayment

Self-leveling, rapid-setting underlayment for interior projects.

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