Overhead, Patching, and Underlayment Systems

Overhead, Patching, and Underlayment Systems

High-performance patching and underlayment systems to provide a stable surface for your finished application.

Dex-O-Tex patching, overhead, and underlayment systems are designed to prepare a stable, desirable foundation for your final flooring or finished surface.

Solutions for Flooring with Diverse Needs

Does your project involve preparing irregular floor surfaces or smoothing rough and uneven substrates for a finished application? How about thinner applications on lightly eroded concrete floors? Or do you need underlayment systems for condo and apartment complexes that can absorb sound and dampen vibrations?

No matter the floor finishing preparation needs of your project, Dex-O-Tex has the right solution for you. Our underlayment and patching systems offer a variety of solutions for smoothing, leveling, patching, or sloping existing surfaces in preparation for floor finishes such as carpet, tile, Dex-O-Tex flooring systems, and more. Our product options range from concrete additives, to resurfacing systems, to self-leveling solutions that can be applied over almost any sound surface—concrete, ceramic tile, wood or metal.

High-Quality Installation

Our overhead, patching, and underlayment system installations are exclusively carried out by professional, factory-trained contractors. Only these contractors can buy, handle, and use Dex-O-Tex products. This way, we get to maintain the high quality of our products and application.

If you want to make sure your project uses only Dex-O-Tex underlayment or patching systems, include these products in your project specifications. Our representatives are ready to recommend your project to a Dex-O-Tex contractor near your area.

Browse through our overhead, underlayment, and patching products to find the right system for your commercial or residential project, whether you’re looking to prevent moisture, absorb sound, or provide rapid installation with a quick-drying solution. Or, give us a call for a free consultation.

Find the Right Solutions for Your Project Today

Let Dex-O-Tex share over 80 years of expertise in advanced flooring, coating, waterproofing, and more. Complete your construction project proficiently with the use of superior solutions.

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