Moisture Mitigation

VaporControl Primer 1P

Highly effective moisture vapor suppression system that flawlessly meets the specifications of ASTM F3010. It can be applied in a single application, ranging from 17 to 22 mils. And can withstand moisture vapor emission rates or MVER of 24 lbs/1000 SF/24 hrs.

VaporControl Primer FC

Heavy-duty moisture vapor suppression system with FAST CURE time. It can withstand moisture vapor emission rates or MVER of 10 lbs/1000 sg/ft/24 hrs. And has a convenient volume mix ratio. It can also be applied in a single application of 7 mils.

VaporControl Primer 200-E

Medium-weight moisture vapor suppression system has a quick cure time and excellent adhesion, even to damp concrete. It can also reduce or completely eliminate the negative effects of moisture vapor emissions. This provides protection of 10lbs/1000 SF/24 hrs.

Moisture Mitigation Solutions

Dex-O-Tex is the name you can trust when it comes to high-performance concrete moisture barrier systems. Our products protect your floors from costly repairs due to moisture vapor damage.

Newly constructed concrete flooring releases a lot of moisture vapor for several reasons. These include the high water-to-cement ratio in concrete, free water that did not evaporate naturally, and a lack of concrete slab moisture mitigation. If not addressed immediately, the moisture vapor trapped in the slab, just beneath the flooring, can liquefy at the slightest change in temperature. It may lead to a lot of problems, such as mold growth, adhesive breakdown, cracking and heaving, or a total flooring failure.

Thankfully, architects, designers, and engineers can prevent the adverse effects of moisture vapor by specifying the right moisture seal decking or mitigation system for their project. At Dex-O-Tex, we have two superior moisture barrier systems:

VaporControl Primer 200-E

VaporControl Primer is a fluid-applied, epoxy moisture mitigation system ideal for the vast majority of non-breathing flooring surfaces, including epoxies, urethanes, rubber, adhesives, vinyl tiles, woods and more. It can withstand moisture vapor emission rates of 10lbs/1000sq.ft./24hrs. But it is only suitable for concrete that’s a minimum of ten days old at the time of application.

VaporControl Primer 1P

The Dex-O-Tex Vapor Control 1P exceeds the Standard Practice for Two-Component Resin Based Membrane-Forming Moisture Mitigation Systems for Use Under Resilient Floor Coverings, designated ASTM F3010 – 13. It is designed for vapor suppression on above- and below-grade concrete and is placed on the negative side of the concrete substrate (between the concrete slab and the surfacing system).

If you want to use this high-performance moisture-resistant primer in your project, remember that it is recommended only for concrete that’s at least three days old at the time of application.

No matter which product you choose, you can feel confident your flooring project gets the moisture barrier system it needs to last for years. Give us a call today to know more about our product specifications.

Benefits of Using Dex-o-Tex Products

If you need moisture seal decking for your property, our VaporControl Primer line offers several benefits that go beyond the usual competition.

• Meets ASTM F3010

ASTM F3010 is the only industry standard practice for moisture mitigation on concrete slabs in the US. Our products meet the F3010 specifications; our VaporControl Primer 1Peven exceeds them. With our industry-standard moisture mitigation systems, you can rest easy knowing your project will have durable flooring.

• Reduces or eliminates the negative effects of moisture vapor emissions

The negative effects of moisture vapor emissions include mold growth, chipping and pitting, blistering, cracking and heaving, adhesive breakdown, and total concrete failure. Application of our products days after the completion of concrete flooring can give it a great chance to avoid or lessen the damaging effects of moisture releases.

• High compressive, flexural, and tensile strengths

When the flooring doesn’t allow moisture to pass through easily, the moisture from below the concrete slab builds up and gets trapped beneath the flooring. This causes the surface of the floor to chip, crack, or break. Our barrier systems protect the flooring from the moisture vapor buildup and other possible damages.

• Excellent adhesion to damp concrete

Prompt fixes to moisture problems prevent major damages in the future and ensure long-term quality flooring. But not all moisture prevention techniques and products can be done or applied immediately. Our moisture barrier products are unlike any other; they can be applied over on-grade concrete that isn’t fully cured.

• 100% solids with no hydrocarbon solvents

Our VaporControl Primer products are environment-friendly, with zero volatile organic compound or VOC. They don’t also emit bad, harmful odor during placement and cure. Using our products is safe not only for our contractors but also for the other staff members of your construction project, and the environment as well.

• Installed only by professional, factory-trained Dex-O-Tex contractors

Once you specify Dex-O-Tex as your project’s provider of concrete moisture barrier systems, we assign your project to our professional, factory-trained contractors. Only people with training from us can purchase, handle, and install our products, allowing us to have control over the quality of the application.

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