Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating for Concrete Flooring

Specially-formulated epoxy coatings to protect concrete floors in industrial and residential environments.

Why Should You Specify the Right Floor Coating?

Water seeping through the cracks or vulnerable spots of concrete floor systems brings nothing but bad news. It soaks through the porous sub-floor material, encouraging mold and bacteria to form. If the flooring is at an upper level, water can also seep through the ceiling of the room below and cause leaks and property damage.

Water damage in concrete flooring can be prevented with residential or industrial epoxy floor coating. It can make concrete flooring sturdy enough even you frequently hose it down or mop it with chemical solutions or water.

Why Go for Epoxy Coating?

Besides being resistant to water and chemical fluids, epoxy coating offers many other advantages compared with other traditional types of concrete floor coating:

• A high-gloss surface that can significantly increase the brightness of interior areas
• Durable surface that is enough to withstand heavy and continuous foot and machinery traffic
• Anti-slip additive options for enhanced pedestrian safety
• Flexibility to apply it in different patterns to create decorative driveways or visible walkable areas
• Low to no maintenance

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Why Choose Dex-O-Tex Epoxy Coating?

Dex-O-Tex epoxy flooring and coating systems are ideal for commercial and residential concrete flooring applications. Our epoxy systems are specially formulated to protect concrete in harsh conditions, provide an aesthetically-pleasing surface, and improve safety for pedestrian traffic. More importantly, our epoxy coating can give your flooring the enduring strength it needs to keep fluids under control for years.

At Dex-O-Tex, we offer a wide selection of epoxy coating systems. Not only do our epoxy coating options offer a variety of colors to match your interior design, but they also provide flexibility depending on your project requirements—whether you’re looking for a nonskid product for high-traffic areas or a durable coating to protect against high impacts, chemical spills, or humidity changes.

Our epoxy coating for concrete flooring systems can only be installed by professional, factory-trained contractors. Simply specify a Dex-O-Tex epoxy coating product in your project and we’ll assign it to one of our trained contractors. We only allow people who underwent training with us to purchase, handle, and apply our products in construction projects across the US. This way, we get to ensure the high quality of our products.

Browse through Dex-O-Tex epoxy floor coatings to find the solution that provides the right level of protection and rejuvenates the appearance of your space.

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