Epoxy Coating

Cheminert Flooring

Epoxy flooring systems for superior protection against chemical exposure in industrial environments.

Electro-Flor Coatings

Conductive and electric static-dissipating floor coatings to protect against electrostatic damage.


A decorative flooring system using quartz crystals to create a seamless, attractive floor that is as strong as it is as beautiful.

Posi-Tred Coating

Epoxy floor coating with specialty aggregates for ultimate skid resistance and protection from harsh chemicals.

Flooring Systems for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Dex-O-Tex presents an extensive selection of epoxy coating systems that meet your requirements. Choose from a variety of colors to match the existing look of your facilities. When you need a non-skid product for areas with high foot traffic, we will provide coatings with a more textured surface for higher floor friction. Our epoxy coating also protects your floors from a high degree of impact, humidity changes, and chemical spills.

The flexibility of epoxy coating systems lends itself well to a wide variety of residential and industrial applications. It’s especially useful when it comes to concrete surfaces that experience a lot of foot and machine traffic. Epoxy flooring protects both the concrete underneath and the people and heavy machines that travel over it. Its waterproof nature is also a highlight for safety, ease of maintenance, and overall durability.

There are numerous benefits to using epoxy coating on concrete and tech flooring. They are further discussed below in the uses and applications of our product. There is certainly no alternative to epoxy coating when it comes to durability, flexibility, and ease of maintenance.

Choosing Epoxy Floor Coating for Your Premises

Dex-O-Tex offers epoxy coating systems that withstand tough environments:

  • Durability – With epoxy coating, your concrete floors will resist heavy and continuous foot and machinery traffic in commercial and residential applications. They will survive harsh conditions with high levels of abrasions and scratching.
  • Design Flexibility – The epoxy coating can be applied in different patterns to create decorative visible walkable areas. It’s useful when designating zones within an expansive space.
  • Low Maintenance – The concrete epoxy floor coating requires little to no maintenance, reducing your expenses in the long run.
  • High-Gloss Surface – Our industrial epoxy coating system creates high-gloss floors that increase the brightness of interior spaces.
  • Installation Expertise – Dex-O-Tex requires a trained contractor for every industrial epoxy floor coating project. Our team has undergone training to handle and apply epoxy coatings on different substrates in various environments. The coating will be applied and cured properly. 

Why Choose Dex-O-Tex Epoxy Coating?

Dex-O-Tex epoxy flooring and coating systems are ideal for commercial and residential concrete flooring applications. Our epoxy systems are specially formulated to protect concrete in harsh conditions, provide an aesthetically-pleasing surface, and improve safety for pedestrian traffic. More importantly, our epoxy coating can give your flooring the enduring strength it needs to keep fluids under control for years.

At Dex-O-Tex, we offer a wide selection of epoxy coating systems. Not only do our epoxy coating options offer a variety of colors to match your interior design, but they also provide flexibility depending on your project requirements—whether you’re looking for a nonskid product for high-traffic areas or a durable coating to protect against high impacts, chemical spills, or humidity changes.

Our epoxy coating for concrete flooring systems can only be installed by professional, factory-trained contractors. Simply specify a Dex-O-Tex epoxy coating product in your project and we’ll work with one of our trained contractors. We only allow people who underwent training with us to purchase, handle, and apply our products in construction projects across the US. This way, we get to ensure the high quality of our products.

Browse through Dex-O-Tex’s industrial epoxy floor coatings to find the solution that provides the right level of protection and rejuvenates the appearance of your space.

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