Electro-Flor ESD

Electro-Flor ESD - Electro Static Dissipative

Dex-O-Tex Electro-Flor ESD is a fluid-applied, water-based, monolithic, high solids epoxy flooring, and is electrically active within resistance range requirements for a “static dissipative” flooring system.

The resistance range for Electro-Flor HS SD is one million (1E6) to one billion (1E9) ohms, as tested in accordance with ESD Association Standard 7.1.


As “electrostatic discharge” protective flooring for clean rooms, server farms, electronics manufacturing, and assembly or any ESD sensitive environment.


  • Protective ESD flooring system
  • Sanitary
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistant
  • Monolithic, seamless
  • More durable than tile or sheet goods when exposed to forklift traffic
  • CDPH 1350 Approved for low emissions
  • Dissipates 5,000 Volt charge to Zero in 0.01 seconds
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