Electrostatic Floor Coatings

Electro Static Coatings

Electro Flor ESD and CD are fluid-applied, water-based, monolithic, flooring systems. CD is conductive for a spark-free work environment, and SD is electro-static discharge for ESD sensitive environments. Electrostatic floor coatings are used to protect the integrity of the flooring system and prevent hazards in the workplace.


  • Sanitary
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistant
  • Monolithic, seamless
  • More durable than tile or sheet goods when exposed to forklift traffic
  • Low VOC


What makes Electro-Flor Coating a better way to protect against electrostatic damage?

There are at least eight reasons why Electro-Flor Coating from Dex-O-Tex should be specified for interior building environments that require must-not-fail conductive and static-dissipating flooring systems:

    1. Extremely consistent, uniform, and predictable conductive (ECD) or static-dissipating (ESD) performance
    2. High tolerance to shearing/abrasion with monolithic, seamless coverage
    3. Easy, contractor-friendly application
    4. Water-based epoxy formulation with virtually no odor or VOC off-gassing
    5. Fast-drying characteristics for up to three coatings per day (quick return to service)
    6. Easily built-out for various film thickness up to 12 mils per coat
    7. More durable than tile/sheet goods in forklift traffic
    8. Available in an attractive range of colors


“The most important thing is support and delivering the product when I need it. I found out on a Wednesday we’re installing next week. Dex-O-Tex not only shipped Electro-Flor Coating on time, they also flew out their chemist to make sure we were within spec after installation. Nobody else would do that.”

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