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Advanced flooring, coating, and waterproofing solutions for any demanding environment.

Dex-O-Tex offers a full suite of advanced flooring, coating, and surfacing solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential facilities. From decorative terrazzo, to epoxy flooring, to waterproof decking, our Dex-O-Tex product lines provide aesthetically-pleasing, durable surfaces for any demanding environment.

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Moisture Mitigation

VaporControl Primer 1P

Heavy-duty moisture vapor suppression system

VaporControl Primer 200-E

Medium-weight moisture vapor suppression system

Polyaspartic & Urethane Coatings


High-performance, urethane flooring topcoat with excellent shine and environmentally-friendly options.

High Performance Topcoat (HPT)

Dex-O-Tex® HPT is a uniquely versatile High-Performance Polyurethane top coat using the latest technology of polyurethane resin systems.


Rapid-curing polyurea sealer offering superior protection for decorative flooring and stained concrete.

Decking & Waterproofing


Industry-leading system for waterproofing balconies, promenades, and other decking surfaces.

Auto-Dex Vehicle Decking

Durable surfacing solutions for vehicle parking decks and areas with high pedestrian traffic.

Elastatex 500 Urethane Decking

Surfacing system for waterproofing balconies, walking decks, and semi-level roof decks aboard ships.

M-E Flooring

Waterproof flooring for equipment rooms over occupied space and other sensitive areas exposed to potential water leaks.

Additional Products

500 W Primer

Water-based epoxy primer for traffic decks, balconies, parking decks, and other waterproof surfaces.

AF Bondcoat

Epoxy primer for concrete or similar porous surfaces.

Antimicrobial Additive

Antimicrobial agent used to prevent fungal, bacterial, and algal growth on seamless flooring systems.

C Bondcoat

Epoxy primer for concrete and wood surfaces.

Clearseal 14

Solvent-based, acrylic sealer for concrete, masonry, and other cementitious surfaces.

CPC Waterproof Membrane

Rubber emulsion waterproofing for tile, marble, and composition flooring.


Heavy-duty, waterproofing system used under tile, stone, or brick.


Waterproof membrane with a fabric-reinforced layer for ultimate fracture resistance.


Quick-curing primer with superior adhesion and chemical resistance.

Stamp-Cote Cementitious Overlay

Cementitious, decorative paving system for driveways, patios, sidewalks, and more.

VL Primer

Epoxy primer for sealing to new or existing concrete, wood, or steel substrates.

Weatherseal XL

Waterproofing sealer providing excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

Decorative Flooring & Terrazzo

Cheminert Epoxy Terrazzo

Attractive quartz and terrazzo epoxy flooring systems for long-term durability and superior chemical resistance.


Epoxy flooring broadcast with decorative vinyl chips to create an attractive finish at an economical cost.

Spectrum Terrazzo

High-performance terrazzo flooring with outdoor capability.


Thin-section, mosaic flooring for settings where beauty and functionality are both a priority.

Resistite Protective Coating & Microtopping

Protective and decorative concrete-like floor coatings for a broad range of applications.

Metallic Luster Coating

Unique, colorful floor coating using metallic and pearlescent pigments.

Epoxy Coating

Cheminert Flooring

Epoxy flooring systems for superior protection against chemical exposure in industrial environments.


A decorative flooring system using quartz crystals to create a seamless, attractive floor that is as strong as it as beautiful.

Electro-Flor Coating

Conductive and static-dissipating floor coatings to protect against electrostatic damage.

Posi-Tred Coating

Epoxy floor coating with specialty aggregates for ultimate skid resistance and protection from harsh chemicals.

Overhead, Patching & Underlayment

A-81 Underlayment

Our most popular floor underlayment system for patching, smoothing, and resurfacing.

High Strength Mortar

Dex-O-Tex High Strength Mortar is a polymer-modified, cementitious mortar fortified with micro-fiber reinforcement.

Acousti-Fill Underlayment

Lightweight, trowel-applied flooring underlayment for absorbing sound.

Contex Admixture

Trowel-applied flooring underlayment for larger projects and thicker installations.

G-26 Underlayment

Highly-flexible, rubber latex underlayment for thinner smoothing applications.

SLU-50 Underlayment

Self-leveling, rapid-setting underlayment for interior projects.

Urethane Concrete Flooring


The Tek-Crete series is the best in its class of urethane flooring systems and is protecting millions of square feet of concrete in the most abusive environments.

Tek-Crete Sealer CP

Tek-Crete Sealer CP is a UV Stable aliphatic polyurethane resin mixed with a cementitious powder designed to be used as a topcoat for Tek-Crete Flooring Systems.

Wall Coating


A flexible, high-build, epoxy wall coating offering exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal.


Solvent-free epoxy wall coating with quick installation and a hard tile-like finish.


High-protection wall coating system with a fiberglass reinforcement layer for increased dimensional stability and impact resistance.

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