Waterproofing Elevated Plywood and Concrete Structures

Waterproofing Elevated Plywood and Concrete Structures

Course Number: M2021
Provider Name: Crossfield Products Corporation
Provider Number: T100
1LU / HSW Credit
Course Expires 6/16/24

An introduction into waterproofing elevated structures. Teaching how the right system can be specified from design and building codes all the way through to the correct installation and post occupancy use.

Prerequisite Knowledge:


Learning Objective 1:

Project planning and design: This category focuses on areas related to correct structural design for waterproofing. The participant will have an understanding of how the right material selection and specification will lead to a safe and sound environment for the occupants. (25% – 15 minutes)

Learning Objective 2:

Construction and Evaluation: This category focuses on areas related to avoiding common problems that lead to waterproofing failures. After completion, the attendee will understand how proper waterproofing leads to safe and sound building integrity. (25%- 15 minutes

Learning Objective 3:

Project Development and Documentation: This category focuses on areas related to the integration and documentation of the building specification, material selection, manufacture selection, and material assemblies into a project. By assessing documentation such as LEED and CDPH, the client will understand how emission certificates and other product declarations protect the construction site and its workers, while providing a safe post occupancy site from chemicals and emissions. (25%- 15 minutes)

Learning Objective 4:

Writing a complete CSI/HSW specification for (25%- 15 minutes)

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